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Terms & Conditions

Below you will find our updated terms and conditions.

Lil Kidz Constructions Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings made with Lil Kidz Constructions.  By making a booking with Lil Kidz Constructions it is assumed that the client has read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Our Hire Commitment:

    1. The hosting period is provided as per the agreed booking start and end time.  Should an agreed start time be delayed for any reason, the hosting period will start from the new agreed time for the duration of the agreed booking time. This is to be agreed with the host and consideration made on the day, as other bookings on the day may be affected.

    2. All hosts provided by Lil Kidz Constructions hold current Working with Children certificates.

    3. Host will arrive 30mins before the scheduled start time to set up.

    4. All equipment will be provided clean and in good working order.

  2. Hosting Period:

    1. The hosting period is provided and starts at the agreed time as per the booking information provided. 

    2. The host will arrive 30-45mins before the agreed start time to set up.

  3. Hosted Inclusions:

    1. Experienced entertainment host for the duration of the event.

    2. All LEGO® bricks and equipment required to run the games and activities.

  4. Booking Payment:

    1. A deposit of $120.00 is required to be paid in full to secure and confirm the booking. All deposits are non-refundable.  No exceptions.

    2. The balance owed will be invoiced 5 days prior to the booking date.  The balance is to be paid in full prior to the booking date and must be processed electronically.  No cash payments accepted.  

    3. Failure to pay the full amount owed prior to the booking will result in Lil Kidz Constructions reserving the right to not attend the event and perform the service. 

    4. Failure to pay balance owing will result in legal action.  Any additional cost for debt recovery fees will be added to the balance owing and owed to Lil Kidz Constructions in full. 

    5. Where parties and events are located more than 30km radius from its base premises, a $55 travel fee will be applied to all bookings.  No exceptions. 

    6. Discount codes must be quoted at the time of booking and cannot be used retroactively on existing bookings. 

  5. Cancellations:

    1. All cancellations are to be provided to Lil Kidz Constructions as early has possible. 

    2. Where a cancellation is requested, the first instance is to re-schedule the booking.  Should no date be available or acceptable then the booking will be deemed as ‘Cancelled’.

    3. Where cancellations are agreed outside 10 days of the booking date, no refund of any monies paid will be returned. 

    4. Should cancellations be requested within 10 days of the booking date, No Refund of any monies is paid will be returned.  No Exceptions. 

    5. Should NSW return to lockdown the above conditions will be superseded by the following – all partied and events falling within the lockdown period will not lose any deposit, and the funds will be held on file 1 year to be used for a rescheduled / new party.  No refunds will be given. No Exceptions.

  6. Liability

    1. Liability is limited to the coverage of the hirer (contracted party).  Ensure you have the appropriate coverage for the designated time and duration of the event.

    2. Lil Kidz Constructions does hold current Public Liability Insurance certificate up to $20M.  Certificate can be provided upon request.

    3. All team members of Lil Kidz Constructions hold Working with Children certificates.

    4. Lil Kidz Constructions and their hosts shall not be held responsible for any damage, injury or loss of property during the party or event howsoever caused.

    5. Lil Kidz Constructions requires the customer to provide at least two responsible adults to be present throughout the duration of the party or event.  They will remain liable for the safety of all guests throughout the duration of the party or event.

    6. The customer is responsible for all the children and guests attending the party or event and must ensure they always behave in an acceptable and proper manner.

    7. In the event of a child behaving in an unacceptable manner as determined by Lil Kidz Constructions or the Host, the Host may ask the customer to remove the child from the activities in order to minimise the disruption to the entertainment provided.

    8. Our hosts are there to entertain and should not at any time be used as babysitters.  The safety of all children remains the responsibility of the customers.

    9. Whilst Lil Kidz Constructions and the Host take every precaution to ensure that every game and activity is safe and appropriate for the children, Lil Kidz Constructions and the Host cannot be held responsible for the safety and wellbeing of any of the children in attendance at any point throughout the party or event.  Any injuries incurred during the party or event are the sole responsibility of the customers.  Lil Kidz Constructions and the Host cannot be at any time be held responsible.

  7. COVID Guidelines

    1. Lil Kidz Constructions take additional measures to reduce the risk of COVID19 at all parties and events, this is not considered a 100% guarantee that all risks have been removed, or that covid-19 will not be present. 

    2. Customers agree that Lil Kidz Constructions and their entertainers will not in any way be liable to the customer or any other persons while participating in the party or event. 

    3. Due to COVID19 the following guidelines MUST always be adhered to:

      • A maximum of 20 people (excluding household members & the host) including both children and adults at private residences.

      • A maximum of 50 people at cafes, restaurants, clubs and any other booked venue.

      • Parties must be conducted outside where possible (on covered hard surface area) or if being held at a café, restaurant, club or other hired venue, the venue must adhere to the 4 square meter per person rule.

      • Party space must allow for 4 square meters per person regardless of location.

      • If the party or event is being held in a café, restaurant, club or other hired venue, the host is to be given open space to run the entertainment that allows for social distancing and is a minimum of 2 meters away from adults.

      • Games and activities within the party space may vary for guest’s safety where the host sees fit.

      • No group photos or any other close activities will take place to allow social distancing. 

      • All payments must be made in full prior to the party or event electronically.  No cash payments are allowed. 

      • Hosts will at no time be asked to breach the Lil Kidz Constructions COVID19 safe policy or NSW law.

      • Hosts at present will be unable to move activity to an inside location due to bad weather.  This should be considered when choosing the venue. 

      • The host at the time of the party or event has the right not to conduct the party or event should any of the measures listed in this policy are not met by the customer. No refunds due to bad weather or where the party or event has been terminated due to a breach of our COVID19 Safe Policy or NSW laws.

If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions or the COVID Safe Policy please feel free to contact us at

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