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Master Builder Challenge Events


One of the most educational toys available also happens to be one of the most inviting!
The skills children learn from using lego bricks are important and incredible!  Our collection of bricks and unique games and activities brings out children's creativity and design thinking skills and can be incorporated with classroom subject topics or great for special school events for end of term or year activities!


Lil Kidz Constructions provides quality incursion workshop activities for all primary school class years.  Our building activities can be scaled to early learning years, or the older senior students. 

 School Challenge Event entertainment may include:


  • Year 6 or Class Builders Challenge

  • Create Build Workshops for years K-3

  • Retail / Shopping Centre Entertainment

  • Corporate Days (Bring the kids to work days)

  • Charity Fund Raising Events

  • Community Events

  • And More


How Does Event Entertainment Work?

We bring along our HUGE collection of bricks, equipment and a variety of brick building games and activities to host the challenge event.  Students participate in the brick building activities in groups of approx 20 - 40 at any one time. 
(Can have multiple groups throughout the day).

Each group has up to one hour to build their creations or take part in multiple brick building activities.


Challenge Options:

  • Theme the building activities - can be a class, a year subject or specific theme
    Eg: Geography (places of the world) or  Build a city of the future

  • Quick Build Game - we have a range of flash cards with different building items the kids can build

  • 2D Character Build - we have a range of characters the kids can choose from


Prior to the event we will work with you to plan the best structure for your planned incursion. 


Hosted Incursions Includes:

  • 2 x Experience Hosts for the full duration
    (All Host's are trained and hold current WWC)

  • Planned / structured activities offering a variety of creative building experiences

  • Dress up costume vest for each participant to wear throughout the event

  • All equipment, tables and banners


Challenge Showcase:

Once the kids have built their creations (either in groups or individually) they can be displayed to showcase all the great creativity!  Students provide feedback about their creations - (What it does? How it was Built? Etc)

Other classes can come and view the creations.  Perhaps teachers can judge and offer prizes! 


Incursion Challenge Cost:

Costing is based on per participant of $9.90 (minimum 60 students) for a 3 hour event.

Building time is recommended in groups of 20 - 40 and multiple sessions can be planned for classes to join.  We allow 1 hour at the end to showcase and award prizes. 

Note: Max 3 hours - Additional Hours can be quoted upon request.


Travel Fee:  A $55 travel fee applies to all packages based on locations outside 30kms of Bella Vista, NSW

How Long Can Hosted Events Be?

We can tailor a package to suit your type of event.  We can host all day, a few hours or just during the peak times of your event.  

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